Tutors’ Lounge’s Homeschool Group Classes for SY 2021-2022

Are you, homeschooling your child, but you need help in doing it? Let Tutors’ Lounge assist you in discussing your child’s lessons, reviewing him/her for quizzes and exams, and even help you with the performance tasks.

Homeschool Packages

One-on-One Online Tutorials

Last year, we introduced our one-on-one online tutoring service, wherein the assigned tutor helps the parents by coordinating with the subject teachers regarding the requirements to be submitted and of course, discussing the lessons. The tutors design the lessons and integrate fun activities suitable for the child.

The HGC (Homeschool Group Class)

The Home Group Class started in September 2020. Different school levels (K-8) have been created (five to six children per class in the same school).    Children feel like they are in the real class because they have classmates and a professional teacher who discusses the lessons.

Because it was the first time to have the HGC, we have given the students the benefits of the annual package. Instead of the usual 1 hour per session, students take advantage of 1.5 hours per session and do not have new group chats (GC) every month.

We created the HGC annual package for SY 2020-2021 because we know that parents are so busy. With the annual plan, there will only be one-time payments of P15, 000 (good for 10 cycles) and a discount of P3, 000. Another advantage is that you don’t have to worry about your slot because yours is already secured for the entire academic year.

HGC Annual Package Teachers

Nursery (Ms. Dea)

Grade 1 (Ms. Tricia)


Grade 2 (Ms. Robbie)


Grade 3 (Ms. Jessica)

Grade 4 (Ms. Neri & Fe)


Grade 5 (Ms. Flynn)

Grade 6 – (Ms. Maine)

Grade 7 – (Ms. Flynn)

Grade 8- (Ms. Nova)

Grade 9 -(Ms. Maine)

SY 2021-2022 HGC Annual Package Registration Form

Reminder: Once we have received your registration, we will send the invoice for payment. To reserve the slot, payment should be settled first. Please confirm with the office if we still have slots before processing your payment. Classes with less than 5 students won’t be accommodated. They can be included in the Monthly Package and the payment for the whole class will be divided by the number of students.

For inquiries, you can send a message to tutorsloungeph@gmail.com or call (02) 7 9020948.

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